Baptism Sunday


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It is so exiting that we have some kids who have decided that they want to be baptized, and some of them want to be immersed. That’s a big deal! It means that God is stirring something in them. In fact, we believe that God is stirring something in all of us here at PAUMC. Baptism is a beautiful way to mark that truth in our lives.

What have you decided? Would you or your child like to be baptized? Or would you like to acknowledge that God is at work in your life by remembering your baptism? If so, why not join these kids in our special baptism event on Sunday, April 11th at both services. And we will give you a special t-shirt saying “I HAVE DECIDED”. This is going to be a great day for us all!

Register by April 4th to guarantee your t-shirt for April 11th. 

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