Foundations Bible Study

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Foundations Bible Study

Begins Saturday, September 14th // Books $15.00 each

Park Avenue invites you and your family to join us in our upcoming 260 day Bible reading plan called Foundations beginning Saturday, September 14th. 

As a church, we want to be intentional about getting in the Word as we grow as disciples who are Moving Closer to Christ. No matter how old you are, this study is a way for you to build a foundation of reading and studying scripture individually, as well as in community with your family, friends, and congregation. We'll learn to apply scripture more effectively over this reading plan where we'll grow in faith, knowledge, and relationship with the Lord.

The books are designed to be journaled in as you complete each day. Books are available for adults, teens, and children. You may choose to share books or purchase one for individuals.

Our recommendation is children's journals are suitable for elementary aged children, and teen journals can be used for students in middle and high school.

Books cost $15.00 each and may be purchased below. Pick up books at our Connection Point on Sunday mornings next to the Coffee & Donut room, or during the week at the Church Office.

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If you would like to join the Foundations Reading Plan Group to receive updates and messages from our pastoral staff, please fill out the form below. (If you purchase a book online, you will automatically be added to this group.)

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More About The Study

The Bible, in and of itself, is a miracle. Think about it — over centuries of time, God supernaturally moved upon a number of men’s hearts, resulting in them writing down the exact words of God. God then led His people to recognize these divine writings and to distinguish them from everything else that has ever been written. Then God’s people brought these 66 books together. The preservation and survival of the Bible is as miraculous as its writing. Then God gave men technological knowledge to copy and transmit the Bible so that all people could have it. All of this took place because God has something to say to you.

With Foundations, you can read through the key, foundational passages of the Bible. Along with supplementary devotional content each day, you can experience the miracle of reading and responding to God’s Word. By using the H.E.A.R. journaling method, you will be guided through Highlighting, Explaining, Applying, and Responding to passages, allowing for practical application.