Parent’s Morning Out Reopening!


Parent's Morning Out Fall 2020

Parent’s Morning Out plans to reopen on Tuesday, August 25!

PMO is open to church members and preschool families and is open on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8:45-12:00. This is available for children 8 weeks (after first round of immunizations) to 3-year-old preschool age.

Due to restrictions with COVID-19, things will be a little different with PMO. We will require social distancing measures during check-in and drop-off, limit our room ratios, and require masks for adults (parents and staff) during drop-off and pick-up. Below is a copy of the PAUMC Children's Ministry reopening plan for review.

Park Avenue UMC Reopening Plan - Children's Ministry

PMO does not require reservations or a prior commitment; however, as we reopen, it will be helpful if our Nursery Director has an idea of who and with what frequency families plan to use PMO.

If you plan to use PMO August - December 2020, would you please contact Lindsey Moore with the following information?

I plan on using PMO at Park Avenue:
Regularly (most every Tuesday and Thursday)
Periodically (once a week or 3-6 times per month)
Seldomly (only as needed if an appointment or emergency arises)

Again, this is not a reservation, and is just intended to help us have a better idea of numbers. Feel free to provide us with any additional information that may help as we plan to reopen Parent’s Morning Out!

Thank you!

Lindsey Moore, Nursery Director