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Prayer Prompts

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Monday - Pray for our Country & National Leaders
Tuesday - Pray for Our State and Local Leaders
wednesday - pray for our church, pastors, staff and church leaders
Thursday- pray for the world and spiritual warfare
Friday - Pray for friends, family, enemies
saturday - pray for those who don't know Christ
Sunday - Pray for adoration - Praise the Father

Watch Talk. Listen. Move.
21 Days of Prayer

Why Talk. Listen. Move.?

These are the words that illustrate an effective prayer life.

Have you found yourself asking the question, “What in the world is going on?”  Do you feel like you have said “I don’t know” more than anyone ever should?  You are not alone. As we look around our country and world, do you sense that God has more for us, for your life, and more for our nation?

It seems we are all desperately trying to get back to what is familiar only to find nothing is recognizable anymore. But what if there was one thing that never changed in these last months - Someone who could offer hope in the midst of so much confusion?

We know there is hope, and we believe it’s time to get on our knees and prayer, like we have not prayed in a long time!

But prayer isn’t meant to be a last resort, an obligation, or even difficult. So for 21 Days, we’re inviting you to join us to pray.

Beginning Monday, October 19th, we’ll meet in the Sanctuary for a guided prayer service – to learn how to pray, to worship, to unify the body of Christ, for a spiritual awakening, to see a powerful move of God in our midst.

We’ll provide you with resources and guidance to help you on your journey. A Prayer Guide (download below; hard copies will be available) will be provided, as well as a few other tokens given throughout the 21 days to encourage your growth and relationship with God.

The format of the Prayer Service will include a time of worship, teaching, individual prayer, and corporate prayer. Services Monday – Saturday will be 45 minutes or less.

We’re personally asking you to get up early like Jesus did (Mark 1:35) and join us to pray for 21 Days. We would love for you to join us in person, but for those who are unable to be physically present, the services will be livestreamed. (Please note that masks are required inside the building.)

Talk. Listen. Move. and seek God in prayer.