Our team is dedicated to serving Jesus and the Church. We are sold out for Christ and our passion to proclaim the Gospel can be seen in everything we do. We pray that your experience at PAUMC is full of love from our membership, and that the availability for deepening faith has been readily available to you. We hope that you will join with us and help us complete our vision to Move People Closer to Christ.

Jimmy Towson

Senior Pastor

Jamie Bone

Associate Pastor

Terry Hiers

Director of Operations

Brooks Mooneyham

Worship Pastor

Kathy Wright

Director of Music

Lynn Yost

Children’s Director

Dane Boruff

Student Director

Doug Tolson

Student Assistant

Lindsey Moore

Nursery Director

Morgan Barry

Preschool Director

Jennifer Clark

Missions Director

Elton Cowart

Director of Food Services

Jessie Dorsey

Admin Assistant

Katharine Courson

Admin Assistant

Heather Halter

Music Admin Assistant

Cindy Waller

Transportation Coordinator

Chris Williams

Technical Director

Victoria Mooneyham

Digital Creative Director