Youth Week 2019


Youth Week 2019

June 23rd – June 27th

Our theme this year is ONE

“There is one body and one Spirit - just as you were called to the one hope that belongs to your call - one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.” - Ephesians 4:4-6

ONE moment can define history, ONE decision can change a life, ONE person can start a movement. The power of one resounds through Scripture, and the powerful message that God has for them: There is ONE God, ONE way to Him,
ONE family united under his banner and ONE mission we’ve been entrusted with!
June 23rd Sunday – Bob's River Place (Branford, FL)
       Meet at PAUMC - 12:45pm
       Return to PAUMC - 10:00pm
       Cost - $10

Bring a sack lunch to eat on the bus or eat before you arrive.
Listed as # 6 among the"Hidden Gems In Florida", Bob's River Place is a Privately Owned Popular Swimming Hole located on the Famous Suwannee River in Branford, Florida. Described as "Swiss Family Robinson meets Wild Adventure", the Property is Decked out with Tree Houses, Rope Swings, Water Slides, Floating Sunbathing Rafts, Splash Pads, Jumping Platforms, Log Rolling,
Water & Land Volleyball, Floating Rafts
This is a water hole so I recommend wearing an older bathing suit. Make sure that you bring a towel, change of clothes and sunscreen.
June 24th, Monday –Whitewater Rafting  
       Meet at PAUMC – 10:30am
       Bring a sack lunch to eat on the bus
       Leave for Columbus – 11:00am
       Return to PAUMC – TBA
       We are offering 2 different trips this year….
Classic - 3:00pm
Enjoy class I-III+ rapids on the Classic Trip!  This is the most popular of our trips on the Chattahoochee. Guests will get to experience our popular Habitat Pool; a lazy river section of our river where guests get in river position and the natural current of the Chattahoochee pulls them downstream. Guests will have the opportunity to 'surf' the rapids on this trip!  This trip is 2 hours of whitewater fun. Guests must be 7 years of age or weigh at least 60lbs to participate.  This trip departs from our Columbus, Georgia location.
Cost - $37
 Challenge – 4:00pm
This is not your ordinary trip! Experience the biggest whitewater in the Eastern United States! The river has rapids like those found in Colorado and Zimbabwe! You will be accompanied by expert guides who will bring you home to tell a great new story of your experience! Guests must be 12 years of age to participate.  This trip departs from our Columbus, Georgia Location.
Cost - $51
Return to Park Ave. – TBA
Bring your own money to stop and eat on the way home.
June 25th, Tuesday – Local Day/Missions
       Meet at PAUMC – 9:30am
       Day full of service and fun – 10:00am – 6:30pm
       Bring money for lunch
       Dinner at PAUMC – 6:30pm
       Worship and Discussion – 7:15pm
       Scavenger Hunt
       Pick up from PAUMC – 11:00pm
       Cost - $10
June 26th, Wednesday – Top Golf & Bravos( Rebounderz)
       Meet at PAUMC – 8:00am
       Leave for Jacksonville – 8:30am
       Top Golf – 11:00am – 1:00pm (we will eat lunch at Top Golf)
       St. John’s Town Center – grab a quick snack (Milk Shakes are incredible at  M Shack!) Bring your own money
       Bravos (formally known as Rebounderz) – 2:30pm – 7:30pm
We will stop at Zaxby’s near Bravos for dinner (Bring money for dinner)
       Return to PAUMC at 11:00pm
       Cost – Top Golf - $40 (includes lunch at Top Golf)
              Bravos (Rebounderz) - $25 (includes socks and unlimited activities)
 June 27thThursday – Fernandina Beach
       Meet at PAUMC – 8:00am
       Leave for the beach – 8:30am
       Lunch – You will need your own money
       Leave the beach – 4:30pm
       Dinner at PAUMC – 7:00pm
       Worship and Discussion – 7:45pm
       Pick up from PAUMC – 9:30pm
       Cost - $10
Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday - $10 per day
Monday – Whitewater Rafting Classic - $37; Challenge - $51
Wednesday – Top Golf - $40; Bravos - $25

Scholarships are available!
The waivers will be sent in an email for Bravos and Whitewater Rafting. Please make sure that you have an online health form completed. Click below to fill out the online health form if you haven't completed one for your child this year.
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